Our Grandchildren Are GREAT Helpers!

Last Saturday one of our sons dropped by with his power washer – told us he was “tired” of seeing our dirty stained driveway and sidewalk.   He pulled his power washer out of his truck and we told him to go right ahead!

Our grandson, Jacob, who just turned 8 a couple weeks ago was spending the weekend with us, and just begged to have a turn running the power washer.  So Uncle Jerome told him to come on – showed him how to maneuver the machine and let him take over.   Jerome followed behind holding the water hose, and Jacob had a great time running the machine!

He got to make several trips up and down the driveway, and was THRILLED to get to help.  After it was all over, he told Uncle Jerome “thanks for letting me help” three or four times!

Doesn’t he just look like a great “working man”????  You did a GREAT JOB, Jacob!

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