WHOOHOO!! Got My First REAL Affiliate Check!!

How many of you, like me, have those google ads on the sidebar of your website or blog?  You might even have a few affiliate links that seem to never pay more than a few pennies or so — which is the way it USED to be with me!

The first of February I signed up as an affiliate for the coupon clutches, and got my first check deposited into my Pay Pal account today.  The affiliate program for the coupon clutches pays 7% of each sale, pays at the beginning of the month for the previous month, as long as you’ve reached a plateau of $25 (or it holds the balance until you DO reach $25).  Well, those coupon clutches have been flying off the shelf and for my first month as an affiliate I  reached $30.35 in affiliate commissions.

If you’d like a little extra cash from an affiliate program, you could do like I’ve done — sign up to be an affiliate for CouponClutch.com, then get it on your sidebar, and do a post or two about it so your readers will know what’s new on your sidebar. 

Here are a couple of my favorites of the coupon clutches:

Green Paisley Coupon Clutch Binder    Zebra Print Coupon Clutch Binder    Burgundy and Green Bamboo Coupon Clutch Binder

Green Paisley     Zebra                     Burgendy/Green Bamboo

I now LOVE the affiliate programs that actually PAY!!!

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