Do YOU Need A Media Kit?

For those in the blogging arena or website owners, a Media Kit is similar to a resume for those who are looking to get a job.

Media kits will give your blog (or websites’) information that is needed for companies that would want to communicate with you, such as advertising rates for your blog, your traffic stats,  etc.  PR representatives and advertisers want to see this information readily available on your site and not have to “dig” for the information or make special phone calls or emails to get that information from you.  If you do reviews and/or giveaways, this is very important information that those companies need to determine if you fit their needs. (women helping women succeed) has a variety of super designs for media kits that you can purchase.  They are available two ways — you can get a package of templates and do your own media kit, OR you can choose a template design/color you’d like and you’ll get a form that you can put in all your information and WomInfo will make your custom media kit for you!  Easy Breezy!!  These are SOOOOO professional, and are just what those “brands” and advertisers are looking for, all in one place.

Check out the media kit packages at to see how you can get your media kit done professionally and at a price you can afford.  I highly recommend these media kits.

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