How To Make Reusable Snack / Sandwich Bags

Let me tell you how amazing my daughter is — you know, the one with 4 year old quadruplets and the 6 year old son.  When the quads started pre-k last week – just three days ahead of school starting she got a note in the mail (as all other pre-k parents got) saying the kids need “reusable” snack bags for their little tote bags the school gave each one.  Breakfast and lunch is provided at the school, however the snacks (juice box and other snacks) are to be provided by the parents.  

Denise looked at several stores for the reusable snack bags, already having an idea of what she wanted, and found nothing.  One store had a little bag similar to the paper lunch bags that she ended up buying for nearly 5 bucks each — and one of them tore apart the first day of school.

The “pattern designer” part of her came out and she decided she could make the pattern AND the little reusable snack bags herself!  She had some waterproof vinyl type fabric on hand, so last weekend, with help from the kids, she made these reusable snack / sandwich bags .  These are like the old sandwich baggies that folded closed – before the zip lock bags came into being.

I do believe she got carried away here — she’s aways way over her head in work, kids, working on her master’s degree, etc, but yet she (and the kids) took the time over the weekend to make reusable sandwich bags for all the kids in the pre-k class.  WAY TO GO DENISE!!!

If you’d like to make some of these for your kids, grandchildren or even to donate to your local pre-k school, check out the great tutorial she’s posted on how to make them at our SewingBusiness blog .

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