Sewing For Plus Sizes

It appears that many of you have decided to start sewing for full figure and plus size women, at least that’s what it looks like by the way our “Sewing For Full Figure And Plus Size Women As A Home Business”  have been flying off the shelf!   I’m not at all surprised, as the statistics show a growing number of us getting into the “overweight and obese” category.  I’m very pleased to say that those of you who have purchased the Sewing For Full Figure and Plus Size Women as a Home Business have given us very positive feedback on your increasing business.

I would like to mention, while we’re on the subject of “full size, overweight and obese”, that you shouldn’t forget about all those overweight children that can’t find a single thing to wear!  Sewing For Plus Size Children as a Home Business  is a complete manual that gives information on how to alter regular store bought patterns to fit the overweight children, as well as complete information on how to use child’s personal measurements to make patterns for him/her.   What I’ve seen at playgrounds at schools (and in malls, restaurants, etc) are overweight children who basically live in jogging pants and an oversized sweatshirt because there literally are no clothes that will fit properly. 

Then throw in the issue of “uniforms for school”!  Our grandchildren attend school in a county that requires uniforms at all the county public schools.  Private schools usually require uniforms as well.  When dropping off or picking up the grandchildren from school I’ve seen children with clothes so tight you wonder how they can even breathe!  Then there are the blouses or shirts that rise so far above the waist (skirts or shorts waistband is under the tummy) that the entire tummy is showing.  Think about it – if YOU were wanting to look nice in a public place and there’s NOTHING you can wear that would look nice, or make you feel good about yourself, what kind of a day would you have?

If you are in any kind of a position to do some sewing for these children, I’d recommend that you give it a try.  And, this overweight/obese children issue isn’t just in our area or certain areas, it’s in every area of the United States – all you have to do is open your eyes and see the multitudes of overweight and obese kids.  Plus Size  not only has information about making patterns for children, we also have sewing patterns for plus size children.  Our patterns have been made using actual plus size childrens’ measurements, so they’re all set for those overweight and obese children– all you have to do is get the size range that will fit the child you’re sewing for, open up the pattern and get an outfit put together for the child.

I feel very sorry for children who have no proper fitting clothes and nowhere to look for clothes.  If you’re interested in helping these kids, and making some extra money, check out the Plus Size Children website for patterns and pattern making classes that are available.

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