Need Projects For Empty Thread Spools

I am accumulating a LOT of empty thread spools and I don’t know what to do with them.  When we first started sewing  coupon clutches, I threw away some of them, but immediately realized that they could be used for projects for the kids.  The good thing is that all the spools are the same size (we order the same brand in all the colors we need, so the spools are the same).  I have a box of probably 50-60 spools now and keep adding more as I do more sewing.

My little 4 year old quadruplet grandchildren and their big 6 year old brother LOVE to do “projects” and “activities”, so I’m thinking these would be perfect — but what to make?

Do any of you keep the empty thread spools as you finish with them, or just throw them away?  If you or anyone you know has done any type of project or craft item using empty spools, could you please pass it along to me? My grandchildren would be ever so grateful!

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