New Affiliate Program For Patterns That Fit You Website

I’m wondering how many of my readers have a sewing business, a website or a blog.  If you have any one of those mentioned, then you’re very well aware that there are many ways to make money from having certain “advertisements” on your side bar, or on a separate page, as would probably happen if you have a website.

Those links from your sidebar could be very lucrative for you, depending on the type of affiliate program that’s being offered. , which is one of our most popular websites containing information about making patterns according to your own measurements is pleased to announce the launch of the new affiliate program  for the site.

By signing up for the affiliate program, you’ll be able to give your readers access to our free pattern making and pattern changing classes; in addition, you’ll be able to make a whopping 15% commission on every sale that is referred from your website or blog.

For additional information, you can check out the post on our Sewing Business blog , OR you can go directly to the website  and click on the “affiliate” link to see all the information.

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