New PET Designs At Coupon Clutch

I’ve mentioned to you in the past when the coupon clutch website  got in new designs, but I believe they have hit the jackpot with the new cat and dog PET designed fabrics.  The coupon clutches, as you know, are fabric covered binders that look like designer tote bags, allowing you to carry all your important coupons to the store in style!  Anyway, back to the topic!  If you are a cat lover, you’ll fall in love with the new “Cats On The Beach”  pet design fabric — check it out:

And, if it’s dogs that you prefer, you haven’t been left out.  Check out the “Favorite Dog Breeds”  fabric design as you see here:

Aren’t those just the most adorable pet designs you’ve ever seen?!?  However, if you’re not particularly interested in pets, just wander on over to the Coupon Clutch site  and scroll through all the other super cute designs that are available. 

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