How Much “Spare” Time Do You Have With 5 Children Under The Age Of 6 Years Old??

Most of you know about my daughter, Denise, and her 4 year old quadruplets and big 6 year old son.  From time to time I get emails asking “how in the world does she get ANY work done?” — and I’ll have to admit I  have no clue how she packs so much work in such little time that she has.

In addition to family matters, she also has a very popular coupon blog, ShopperStrategy and is also in the middle of getting her Masters Degree online.  She’s also created the very popular coupon tote, which she calls the Coupon Clutch.  Some of her blogging friends (those who have similar type coupon / deal blogs) have also made comments as to how in the world she gets everything done.

One of her blogging counterparts was so interested in Denise’s “story” that she asked Denise to do a little write up of what she does and how she got into the coupon clutch business, etc.  Michelle, at  has posted Denise’s story, which I would like to invite you to check out.  Check out those quads in the very first picture — aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen!!!  They were nearing 2 years old at that time, and Denise could no longer afford diapers, so one day she decided to go “cold turkey” and get them all potty trained.  There were 4 little potty chairs in their bathroom at home and 4 little potty chairs in our bathroom at our house, so no matter where the little guys were, there were potty chairs available!

Have you ever tried to potty train ONE little child??????  How about FOUR at the same time!!

Check out the ReaderSpotlight at iHeartPublix  and read Denise’s story.  This story is a TRUE example of “when you’re given a lemon ……. make lemonade”

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