How To Sew With Leather

Fall is the super busy time for rodeos, festivals and craft fairs, so it’s no wonder the sales for our “Sewing With Leather”  book jump tremendously during this time.

Probably the best selling item is the pattern for the Custom Fit Leather Chaps Pattern , where you can make your own chaps and be assured that they will fit YOUR measurements.  Here’s a quick diagram of the chaps:

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m in the middle of making a set of leather chaps for my little 6 year old grandson (big brother to those quads I talk about all the time).  His school has a “western” day each year and the day school started he reminded me that he NEEDS TO HAVE chaps for western day, AND he wants to be a cowboy for halloween.  Jacob is in the first grade this year, and already has a cowboy hat, boots and a set of gun belt/holster and play rifle that he got for his birthday from his cousins, so the only thing lacking is a western shirt and set of chaps. 

The Chaps Pattern  at the SewingWithLeather website  has easy step by step instructions, so you can actually make a set of these for a child, as well as for an adult.  OK Jacob – I’m on it!!

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