Are You In Need Of Nursing Clothing?

I’ve seen a LOT of tiny babies lately!  Everywhere I go it seems like there are more and more strollers, babies in their mommy’s arms and baby carriages.  I’m wondering how many of these mothers are nursing their little ones!   If the garment industry is the same now as when my daughter was nursing her firstborn, there was NOTHING available in the area of nursing garments that she’d want to wear at home, much less go out in public with!

Being a pattern designer AND a desperate nursing mother looking for attractive nursing garments, she came up with a whole line of nursing tops, dresses and nightgowns.   These nursing garment patterns started selling like hot cakes, which means she was not the only one looking for attractive nursing clothing.

Check out the  site and see for yourself the patterns that are available, as well as super information on nursing and other resources.  Here are pictures of a couple of the patterns to check out:


There are many styles of dresses and tops patterns available — check them all out at -  pass this information along to your family and friends that you know are nursing their baby and also looking for comfortable and attractive nursing garments.

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