My SUPER Office Depot Shopping Trip

Can You BELIEVE I got all THIS for $16.39???

I saw a great $10 off a $20 Office Depot coupon over at  – printed it and headed over to check out their copy paper, and instead found RACKS of deeply discounted school supplies!  They had 30 count box of school glue for $5.00, school scissors for .50 each, hand sanitizer and liquid soap for $1.00 each, boxes of 100 band aids for $1.00 and 4-packs of glue sticks for .50.  They also had back packs for $5.00 each and other assorted duotang binders, etc, but here’s my list:

1 box of 30 school glue bottles
11 pair school scissors
6 boxes of 100 ct band aids (for my 5 year old quads and their big 6 year old brother, these should last at least 6 months!)
4 packages of 4 ct glue sticks
5 z bottles of hand sanitizer
2  13-oz bottles of liquid hand soap

My total minus the $10.00 coupon was $15.50 plus .89 tax for the grand total of $16.39!

My plan is to head over there today with another coupon and see if I can stock up on some school supplies to donate to the kids’ elementary school – I’m sure they could use some of this stuff!

THANK YOU ShopperStrategy  for passing along this fabulous coupon!

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