Are Your Children / Grandchildren Bedwetters?

This is a pretty odd topic, but I do have a funny story (or two) about grandchildren and bedwetting.  I know some families have problems with bedwetters way up into school years and in some families there is no problem at all.  I really wonder sometimes what makes the difference.  My grandson Jacob went to a “tumbling” and gymnastics class for several months and one mother who had two daughters about 2 years apart had major bedwetting problems with her older daughter (who was 7 at the time – and still wetting the bed) and the younger 5 year old who never wet the bed.  She blamed it on the pull-ups she put on the older daughter which she said never “made” the girl learn control and learn to go to the bathroom when necessary and not just simply be lazy and go in the pullups.  Never heard that before, but she was determined that was the problem.

Well, with our quadruplets (who are just now 5), we haven’t had bedwetting problems – however an occasional “accident” is to be expected.  Perhaps the child was sleeping extra hard or maybe had too much to drink before going to bed – who knows.  The funny part is how children REACT to the bedwetting accident.  Here’s how it goes:

One morning maybe a year ago, Brandon woke up and came to me in the office to sit on my lap before heading to the living room.  This boy was SOAKED, so we went into the bedroom to check out his bed.  He informed me that he did NOT tee tee in the bed because he ALWAYS goes to the bathroom.  So I just wondered how the bed got all wet and his jammies were wet.  He let me know real quick that because it was raining last night the rain came in the window and went to the light and dropped down on his bed and made him all wet.  He then wanted to move his bed a little bit so no more rain could drop down from the light.  Well, guess what – his bed has never been wet again, so I guess moving it away from the light did the trick.

Sienna on the other hand wet the bed only one time in her life that I know of — and when it happened she sat in the bed and SCREAMED — MAMAW!  MAMAW!  And boy howdy at 2 am when somenbody screams like that it takes less than 2 seconds for me to get across the house and down the hall to see what’s the problem.   She was having an absolute FIT because her underwear was wet!  After getting her calmed down and getting new underwear and nightgown and a change of sheets she went back to sleep just fine.

Sarah, on the other hand, just about takes the cake!  She is little miss independent and can take care of herself.  A few weeks ago she also had an accident — and NOBODY knew about it until the next morning when Sienna told on her and said for me to be sure to wash the sheet because Sarah had made it wet.   I asked Sarah about it (who by the way was out sleeping on the couch instead of in the wet bed in the morning) — she told me she’d gone into the playroom to get new underwear, took her wet underwear to the laundry room then went to sleep on the couch.  All of this was done with NO noise and nobody was aware that she’d had a problem because she’d taken care of it herself.  And while we’re on the subject of little Miss Independent — can you guess what the first words out of her mouth were when the kids were learning to talk — “I do it MYSELF!”  That’s the story about Sarah — if she can’t do something, she WILL figure out a way to get it done.  She rarely asks for help, and if you see her struggling with something like a zipper, etc and attempt to help, she’ll turn away in a flash with the same words – “I do it MYSELF!”.

So much for the bedwetting topic — I just found it interesting the way each of the kids handled the situation when it happened.  Oh, and if Zachary ever wets the bed, I’ll let you know what he does about the situation!

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