Great Deals At Publix This Week

I’m normally a Commissary shopper since my husband is retired Air Force, however there are times when the local grocery stores have offers that can’t be beat.

This week it’s Publix with the super savings and coupons!  I just LOVE using their Green and Yellow Advantage coupon booklets for coupons that can be used with sale items.  The current yellow advantage booklet has a $2.00 coupon on any Contessa MicroSteam or On The Stove Meal – AND their weekly ad has these same Contessa meals BOGO!  

I got $42.48 worth of groceries for $17.12 for a savings of 60%.

  Here’s my picture and the details of todays haul:

As you can see we’re doubled up on the Contessa meals because my husband graciously agreed to come in with me and check out with part of my order.

Contessa Meals, reg. $7.99 are BOGO, then we each used two of the $2/1 coupons, making the final cost $2.00 per meal bag.
The Spam was on sale 2/$4.00, which is cheaper than the Commissary has right now
Mustard was regular price
One gallon of fat free milk at Publix is $3.25, which is an awesome price compared to the other grocery stores.

We had one of the Contessa meals for supper tonight and it was DELICIOUS — and we actually had some left over.  My daughter said it’s too bad it didn’t come with bread and a waiter!  Can’t have everything I guess.

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