Statistics Show Our Nation’s Children Becoming More Obese

For the past few days I’ve seen several television news stations talking about McDonald’s major marketing dollars intended for our CHILDREN!  They’re asking whether or not McDonald’s should be going after the young children — toddlers to boot – with their advertising campaigns, trying to lure the kids into their stores.   They’re saying that with the hundreds of “choices” of childrens meals, only 12 are even close to being healthy, which is helping our nation’s children get heavier and heavier.

To tell you the truth, I’m on the side of several of those who called into the shows saying “the kids aren’t getting to McDonald’s on their own – who’s taking them?”  PARENTS!  And what’s up with parents who apparently are taking those children to McDonalds for FRENCH FRIES, greasy burgers, etc several times a week.  One lady called in with the comment that children are getting sugar cereal for breakfast, minimal healthy food at lunch at school, then parents take them to fast food restaurants for supper — and we wonder why they’re getting fat!

Our daughter with the 5 year old quadruplets and 6 year old son COOK every evening meal.  She is owner of ShopperStrategy , a blog with shopping deals and giveaways as well as information about freezer cooking, and every Monday she gives out her menu plan for the week — EVERY meal being cooked at home!  About twice a month, as we take the 6 year old home from spending the weekend with us, we’ll stop at McDonalds and get supper for them.  I figure a couple times a month on the chicken nuggets and a few french fries, along with juice to drink won’t kill them, but I’m apalled at those parents who spend the big dollars on fast food several nights or every night of the week.  Denise’s kids LOVE fruits, veggies and will BEG for cantalope or grapes or bananas (cut up in a bowl is their latest craze), and only ONE of the kids will even eat candy at all — the little candy eater is the chocoholic (like her mother and grandmother), but the others won’t even take any kind of candy if it’s offered to them.  Or, if they take it, they’ll take a lick and lay it down.  These kids also drink milk, juice or water – they never have tea or sodas of any kind.

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now, but I can definitely see why more and more aunts, grandmothers and mothers are checking out and buying our PlusSizeChildren’s patterns and pattern making classes  because there just aren’t clothing garments or patterns in the large sizes that these children require.  If you have overweight children in your family, check out the patterns and classes and at least help these kids look nice with clothing that actually fits them.

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