Surprise Your Young Ones With Crinkle Toys!

When our now 5 year old quadruplet grandbabies were much younger, I made DOZENS of crinkle toys for them.  Small children simply LOVE to play with things that crinkle, jingle or make any kind of noises.

I’ve put together a pattern  package of the 10 most popular crinkle toys  I’ve made for the grandchildren AND I’ve included enough crinkle material to make all 10 toys plus extra.  Here’s a picture of three of the toys:

These toys were co-ordinating fabrics from my older grandson’s bedroom — then when the quads were born we used every kind of scrap fabric we could find so everybody could have toys.  We put crinkle material in all of them, but some also had a little bell stuck inside with the quilt batting so it would jingle AND crinkle.

You can read more about the crinkle toys patterns and the crinkle material at .  This is a wonderful way to use up some of your scraps AND make some children very happy.

If you’d like to give the pattern as a gift to someone who sews AND you’d like one for yourself — if you order by December 10, we’ll give you the second pattern FREE – you just pay the shipping for the second pattern.  Give us a call at 1-800-883-2348 and we’ll take your order.

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