Best Office Depot Trip Ever! $193.96 for $69.54!

Just had my greatest Office Depot shopping trip yesterday – wish I could duplicate trips like this!  Check out what I got……$193.96 in products for $69.54.

ONLY 4 items you say — and how could that be such a great trip????   Well, if any of you own an HP laser jet printer, you know the toner cartridges are NOT cheap.  As a matter of fact, the black one on top sells for $93.99 and the blue on the bottom costs $83.99.  Each of the 6-pack tape packages costs $7.99.

Here’s what I took in with me — an Office Depot worklife rewards gift card for $94.91, a $20/$100 coupon and a $15/$75 coupon.   SOOOOOO,  I had to check out twice in order to use both of my coupons.  When I put the black toner cartridge ($93.99) with the two tape packages (were on sale 2/$10.00), I went over $100 so could use the $20 coupon.  With tax included, my total was $90.29 – so I handed them my worklife rewards gift card which made this  first order come to a total of $0.00, with $4.62 left on my rewards card.

My SECOND check out order was the blue toner ($83.99), so I was able to give them my $15/$75 coupon, and used the remainder of my rewards card, so the total of this bill, including tax was $69.54.

The next best part is that when you buy toner/ink at Office Depot and use the rewards card number you get 10% back, so I’m accumulating some more money for the next quarter’s rewards total.

Well, I’m not nearly as good as the “coupon queen” – my daughter over at,  but she’ll be proud of my savings!

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