Rosinton “Kindermice” Float Gets First Place In Parade

As many of you know, my 5 year old quadruplet grandchildren (can’t call them grandbabies anymore!) are in Pre-K this year.  Their birthday is in October, so obviously missed the Sept. 1 cut off for kindergarten.  They love school and simply adore their teacher, Mrs. Roland.  The pre-K kids are called Kindermice, and at various times during the year they have an opportunity to wear little “mice” hats with ears and get their faces painted to look like mice.

This year Mrs. Roland decided the kindermice needed to have a float for the annual Christmas parade.  One of the parents let them borrow a trailer that they could decorate.  Several of the mothers pooled ideas and ended up with making little santa hats with “mice” ears for the kids to wear, and made the float into a large mouse.  It was just sooooo cool!  The kids (kindermice) LOVED being on the float, and Mrs. Roland had them practice how they should stand to throw the candy to the bystanders — NEVER lean “over” the side to throw – you have to stay standing up inside.  I snapped a couple of pictures – one in the parking lot before the parade started, and another as the float went by — here you go -  the first one has Jacob in front just in case somebody needed him.


The second picture had to be taken quickly because Jacob and I were busy picking up necklaces, stuffed animals and candy so we’d be sure to have enough to share with “the kids” since they weren’t able to pick anything up.

Isn’t this just a neat float!  No wonder it got first place!

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