All I Want For Christmas Is………..

A few weeks ago I wrote about a super iPhone App, the FabricConverter , which easily figures the amount of fabric you need if you spot something that’s not listed on your pattern package.  Now because I don’t have an iphone, I had my daughter go with me on a little fabric shopping spree, and I’m here to tell you, with her iphone in hand she saved me a TON of money because the fabric converter app told me instantly how much fabric I needed in the various widths for the projects I wanted to get fabric for.

Now then, the greatest iphone app of all is available –iSewingRoom, which will allow me (or YOU) to take pictures of and record my fabric stash, the patterns I will be using as well as let me record the projects I’m working on and even do up a list of what I need when I head to the fabric store.  But I don’t have an iphone, and I certainly can’t do all my fabric stash, etc on my daughter’s iphone.

I REALLY need an iphone for Christmas!  Please Santa, please, please, please — I’ve been good this year! (Oh my, am I sounding like my grandchildren here???).  And, Santa, just remember, this is something I can use every day – not something just to lay around, so if you don’t mind, please exchange my lumps of coal for a nice iphone.

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