OK, Now I HAVE To Have That New iphone. Know Why??

I really NEED the iphone for my fabric applications and to help me get the right amount of fabric, etc etc.

However, NOW I need it for FUN!!  I’ve just seen the funniest app yet – it is iHogCall  — and it is a hoot!!  I grew up on a farm – a pig farm, so this hog call app brings back all kinds of memories.  Even now at many state fairs you’ll see in their list of activities a “hog calling contest”.  Well now you can hear all kinds of hog calls AND there’s even a way to submit your own hog call for possible inclusion in the app.  WHOOHOO!  I’m going to practice MY hog calling so IF dear Santa brings me that iphone I’ve been begging for, I’ll be able to submit my best effort.  AND, Santa, if you bring me the iphone I’ll even promise to be a good girl NEXT year! 

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