What Do You Know About Airplanes?

It is always an interesting time when our grandchildren are at our house!  They all like to do different things, all want whatever someone else has, but are VERY creative in things they come up with to do and make!  Take Zachary, for instance — he LOVES airplanes, and this last week he got into my “craft stick” box (I buy boxes of 1000 craft sticks cause I know they’ll be used!) and decided he needed to make some airplanes.  He very carefully made each airplane different — you know because some of the airplanes are “shooter” airplanes and other airplanes are for people to ride in.  Here is what he came up with:

Can you tell which are the shooter planes and which are for people to ride in???  I can’t either, but I can assure you that Zachary knows!!

Other times, they just want to play outside and get their picture taken – they love to have their picture taken and then look at it on the camera screen — so……. boys, here’s one you can look at on  the computer!

I love you guys!   Oh, by the way – on this day the girls were inside – didn’t feel like coming out, even to get a picture taken!

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