Awesome Weekly Special At Winn Dixie

I really like shopping at Winn Dixie — they have my husband’s favorite baked beans (best in the world he says), and I like the great deals that they have.  This week they had a special deal where you could buy an 18 roll pack of Charmin toilet tissue and get for free —3 bar pkg zest hand soap, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, box of Winn Dixie facial tissues, and a canister of clorox disinfecting wipes for $12.99 and have a savings of $9.66.  WELL, with other sale items and BOGO’s I actually got $86.69 worth of products for $49.29, a savings of $37.40 or 43%.  Check out my haul:

Winn Dixie brand of peas, green beans & corn were all 50 cents/can, Ajax laundry soap was B1Get 2 free – so $6.99 got me 3 bottles of laundry detergent.  Head lettuce was BOGO, and tomatoes were on sale as well.

A few weeks ago there was a segment on HLN news regarding the “store” brand  of items such as canned vegetables, waxed paper, aluminum foil, etc — the bottom line was that many of the “store” brands are made in the same factories as the NAME brands, just that today’s run is “Name” brand, tomorrow’s run is “store” brand, etc.  That tells me that those store brand peas & other veggies are exactly the same as the expensive name brands.

Actually, while we were in the military and stationed in Taiwan, we visited a pants factory, and what I just was talking about was true there!  The day we were there, the factory was making pants for a high class expensive brand of pants and the day before had made pants for one of the discount clothing stores (SAME exact pants just different labels for different days).

With as many mouths as we have to feed, wash clothes for, and BUY toilet tissue for, these savings were awesome!!  If you have a Winn Dixie anywhere close by I’d recommend you grab one of their sales flyers and do some shopping there.

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