I Hit The Jackpot At Walgreens Today

My husband says I went overboard with my shopping at Walgreens today — what do you think????

Let me explain — when stuff that you actually USE all the time is FREE, or they pay you to take it, I believe in stocking up!  The Oscillococcinum for children is EXCELLENT — it’s for kids like Halls ProHealth Defense or EmergenC is for adults — take a little extra when you know colds/flu are in the area or school, etc.  These were on sale for $8.99/box with a $9.00 register rewards – PLUS I had $2.00 coupons, so I ended up making $2.00 on each one of them.  The SalonPas arthritis patches were on sale for $5.99 with a $6.00 RR and the Omega Factor 3 fish oil capsules, regular price $24.95 were on sale for $10, with a $10 RR.  Bad news is that when I got home with all my loot and opened up one of the Omega Factor 3 boxes, I FOUND a $3.00 coupon!  Dang!  They COULD have paid me $3.00 for each of those boxes.  Looks like I’m gonna have to hit another Walgreens or two tomorrow to use these $3.00 coupons!!

Let me tell you a little story about the Omega 3 – when my daughter was pregnant with the quads, she asked her Dr. about taking extra vitamins – other than the prenatals, of course.  He said the best thing she could take to help the babies’ developing brains would be Omega 3 fish oil capsules, however, he told her she really should have been taking them the previous 6 months before getting pregnant so the omega 3 fatty acids would be in her body.  She told him she’d been taking Omega 3′s for nearly 2 years, to which he said “wonderful!  keep it up!”

Anybody want to go with me to Walgreens tomorrow since it’s obvious my husband won’t go with me again.

Best Office Depot Trip Ever! $193.96 for $69.54!

Just had my greatest Office Depot shopping trip yesterday – wish I could duplicate trips like this!  Check out what I got……$193.96 in products for $69.54.

ONLY 4 items you say — and how could that be such a great trip????   Well, if any of you own an HP laser jet printer, you know the toner cartridges are NOT cheap.  As a matter of fact, the black one on top sells for $93.99 and the blue on the bottom costs $83.99.  Each of the 6-pack tape packages costs $7.99.

Here’s what I took in with me — an Office Depot worklife rewards gift card for $94.91, a $20/$100 coupon and a $15/$75 coupon.   SOOOOOO,  I had to check out twice in order to use both of my coupons.  When I put the black toner cartridge ($93.99) with the two tape packages (were on sale 2/$10.00), I went over $100 so could use the $20 coupon.  With tax included, my total was $90.29 – so I handed them my worklife rewards gift card which made this  first order come to a total of $0.00, with $4.62 left on my rewards card.

My SECOND check out order was the blue toner ($83.99), so I was able to give them my $15/$75 coupon, and used the remainder of my rewards card, so the total of this bill, including tax was $69.54.

The next best part is that when you buy toner/ink at Office Depot and use the rewards card number you get 10% back, so I’m accumulating some more money for the next quarter’s rewards total.

Well, I’m not nearly as good as the “coupon queen” – my daughter over at ShopperStrategy.com,  but she’ll be proud of my savings!

I Was On A “Deal” Shopping Mission Today!

There is no way in the world I’d get out in the Black Friday crowds, however there were a couple of places I really wanted to get some deal goodies!   Sooooo, today I talked my husband into going to Walgreens and Winn Dixie, where we scored some great savings!  Here is a picture of my Walgreen’s trip — WHOOHOOO!

Walgreen’s had 64 oz bottles of Mott’s apple juice 2/$3.00, making it $3.00 for a gallon, which is even cheaper than at the Commissary.  There was a limit of 4, so I got 4.  THEN, the biggest deal of all was their AA or AAA 4-pack batteries “Buy 1 get THREE free” — with Christmas coming up soon and 5 little ones under the age of 6 — you just know I HAD to get two sets of this deal.  I actually ended up with a bill of $14.58 for all this stuff, and after giving the cashier two $5 Register Rewards, my total bill was $4.58.  The register receipt listed $42.30 as my total savings — guess that’s about 90% savings!!!  Should have gone back in a second time for an identical order, but they only had 2 apple juice’s left and 3 packs of the AA batteries.  Oh well, the deal I got was SUPER for me!

Awesome Weekly Special At Winn Dixie

I really like shopping at Winn Dixie — they have my husband’s favorite baked beans (best in the world he says), and I like the great deals that they have.  This week they had a special deal where you could buy an 18 roll pack of Charmin toilet tissue and get for free —3 bar pkg zest hand soap, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, box of Winn Dixie facial tissues, and a canister of clorox disinfecting wipes for $12.99 and have a savings of $9.66.  WELL, with other sale items and BOGO’s I actually got $86.69 worth of products for $49.29, a savings of $37.40 or 43%.  Check out my haul:

Winn Dixie brand of peas, green beans & corn were all 50 cents/can, Ajax laundry soap was B1Get 2 free – so $6.99 got me 3 bottles of laundry detergent.  Head lettuce was BOGO, and tomatoes were on sale as well.

A few weeks ago there was a segment on HLN news regarding the “store” brand  of items such as canned vegetables, waxed paper, aluminum foil, etc — the bottom line was that many of the “store” brands are made in the same factories as the NAME brands, just that today’s run is “Name” brand, tomorrow’s run is “store” brand, etc.  That tells me that those store brand peas & other veggies are exactly the same as the expensive name brands.

Actually, while we were in the military and stationed in Taiwan, we visited a pants factory, and what I just was talking about was true there!  The day we were there, the factory was making pants for a high class expensive brand of pants and the day before had made pants for one of the discount clothing stores (SAME exact pants just different labels for different days).

With as many mouths as we have to feed, wash clothes for, and BUY toilet tissue for, these savings were awesome!!  If you have a Winn Dixie anywhere close by I’d recommend you grab one of their sales flyers and do some shopping there.

Great Deals At Publix This Week

I’m normally a Commissary shopper since my husband is retired Air Force, however there are times when the local grocery stores have offers that can’t be beat.

This week it’s Publix with the super savings and coupons!  I just LOVE using their Green and Yellow Advantage coupon booklets for coupons that can be used with sale items.  The current yellow advantage booklet has a $2.00 coupon on any Contessa MicroSteam or On The Stove Meal – AND their weekly ad has these same Contessa meals BOGO!  

I got $42.48 worth of groceries for $17.12 for a savings of 60%.

  Here’s my picture and the details of todays haul:

As you can see we’re doubled up on the Contessa meals because my husband graciously agreed to come in with me and check out with part of my order.

Contessa Meals, reg. $7.99 are BOGO, then we each used two of the $2/1 coupons, making the final cost $2.00 per meal bag.
The Spam was on sale 2/$4.00, which is cheaper than the Commissary has right now
Mustard was regular price
One gallon of fat free milk at Publix is $3.25, which is an awesome price compared to the other grocery stores.

We had one of the Contessa meals for supper tonight and it was DELICIOUS — and we actually had some left over.  My daughter said it’s too bad it didn’t come with bread and a waiter!  Can’t have everything I guess.

My SUPER Office Depot Shopping Trip

Can You BELIEVE I got all THIS for $16.39???

I saw a great $10 off a $20 Office Depot coupon over at ShopperStrategy.com  – printed it and headed over to check out their copy paper, and instead found RACKS of deeply discounted school supplies!  They had 30 count box of school glue for $5.00, school scissors for .50 each, hand sanitizer and liquid soap for $1.00 each, boxes of 100 band aids for $1.00 and 4-packs of glue sticks for .50.  They also had back packs for $5.00 each and other assorted duotang binders, etc, but here’s my list:

1 box of 30 school glue bottles
11 pair school scissors
6 boxes of 100 ct band aids (for my 5 year old quads and their big 6 year old brother, these should last at least 6 months!)
4 packages of 4 ct glue sticks
5 z bottles of hand sanitizer
2  13-oz bottles of liquid hand soap

My total minus the $10.00 coupon was $15.50 plus .89 tax for the grand total of $16.39!

My plan is to head over there today with another coupon and see if I can stock up on some school supplies to donate to the kids’ elementary school – I’m sure they could use some of this stuff!

THANK YOU ShopperStrategy  for passing along this fabulous coupon!