No Plus Size Patterns For Children Under Age 6. What??

As many of you know by checking my website, I have been on a mission for several years now to make available patterns and pattern making classes for plus size, overweight and obese children!  It all started when a friend, who had a very overweight child, asked me to “try” to help her get something to fit the girl.  The problem was that my friends’ 10 year old daughter had a chest of 36″ and waist of 32″ (the “average” measurements on  patterns indicated a chest of 28″ and waist 24″).  So what would YOU have done?  Apparently the answer was to buy a woman’s size 16 or 18 pattern and try to adjust it  — NOT a good solution because how would a woman’s pattern style look on that overweight 10 year old???

At that time, because of my years of pattern making experience, the only solution was to take the girls’ measurements and make a pattern according to those measurements.  That pattern fit her perfectly!

As I noticed playgrounds, malls and schools filled with overweight children, most of whom had clothes that looked like oversized jogging pants and shirts were NOT what young children should have to wear.

It was then that I made a plea on my website and blog for those parents and grandparents of overweight/obese children to send me their measurements and ages so I could get a database of measurements with the intention of making clothing patterns for those overweight/obese children using REAL plus size children’s measurements.  It took us over a year, and has been a continuing effort since, to acquire the vast number of measurement sets so we would be able to make patterns with ACTUAL measurements of overweight children.  We organized the large data base into age groups (YES, we have patterns for overweight/obese children under the age of 6), so we could begin making a variety of clothing patterns for those forgotten children.  We have clothing patterns with size ranges of 2-4-6, 8-10-12 and 14-16.

We have expanded our plus size childrens patterns / classes / books to two websites - and so we can better serve those who need this information.

Just to show an example of the difference between an “average” size 10 skirt/blouse and one of our “plus size” 10 skirt/blouse, just look at the following picture

In addition to the clothing patterns available for all age ranges, we also have EASY pattern making classes for girls ages 2-6 and ages 8-12.  All classes and pattern making books are written with easy step by step instructions with diagrams and illustrations to go with each step.  Also, we have clothing patterns and pattern making classes for boys as well as the girls. 

If you have overweight / obese children or know someone who does, just stop by and let us help you get clothing that will fit that child.

Compare Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting To………

I’ve had a few emails lately from people asking what’s the difference between “Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting” book and the specific titles — “How To Make Dress Patterns” or “How To Make Slacks/Shorts Patterns”, etc.

“Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting”  contains SOME of each of the garment types — basic slacks/shorts, basic blouses, basic dresses, basic skirts – so that you can have a few of each of the garment types and learn how to make your own patterns for them.  As you probably know, our pattern making materials are set up so you can use YOUR OWN measurements to make the patterns, therefore the patterns are guaranteed to fit your measurements.  It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, heavy, petite — because you are using YOUR measurements, everything will fit just right.

Each of the “individual” books and classes – “How To Make Slacks/Shorts Patterns “,”How To Make Dress Patterns”, “How To Make Blouse Patterns”  and“How To Make Skirt Patterns”  is devoted entirely to THAT particular topic, therefore you have a whole pattern making book of those particular garments with a wide variety of styles.  Some women have said “I only wear slacks; you’ll never see me in a skirt or dress”, so for her, the “How To Make Slacks/Shorts” book is perfect because that’s all she wants.  Others may never wear slacks or shorts so really aren’t interested in that, but would be interested in the skirts or blouses or dresses

Anyway you look at it, the best alternative to ready made garments that don’t fit or the style is nothing you’d want to wear in public, or patterns that need so many adjustments you don’t even know where to start would be to check out the pattern making materials.  All of the pattern making materials have diagrams/illustrations on which measurements you need and how to take those measurements, then goes on to show you how to use your own measurements to make those perfectly fitting patterns and garments.

And speaking of pattern making for hard to fit people, be sure to check out our PlusSizeChildren website  and all the patterns and classes that are available for overweight and obese children.  Spring is right around the corner, so now is the time to get some sewing lined up for yourself, your children or grandchildren.