No Plus Size Patterns For Children Under Age 6. What??

As many of you know by checking my website, I have been on a mission for several years now to make available patterns and pattern making classes for plus size, overweight and obese children!  It all started when a friend, who had a very overweight child, asked me to “try” to help her get something to fit the girl.  The problem was that my friends’ 10 year old daughter had a chest of 36″ and waist of 32″ (the “average” measurements on  patterns indicated a chest of 28″ and waist 24″).  So what would YOU have done?  Apparently the answer was to buy a woman’s size 16 or 18 pattern and try to adjust it  — NOT a good solution because how would a woman’s pattern style look on that overweight 10 year old???

At that time, because of my years of pattern making experience, the only solution was to take the girls’ measurements and make a pattern according to those measurements.  That pattern fit her perfectly!

As I noticed playgrounds, malls and schools filled with overweight children, most of whom had clothes that looked like oversized jogging pants and shirts were NOT what young children should have to wear.

It was then that I made a plea on my website and blog for those parents and grandparents of overweight/obese children to send me their measurements and ages so I could get a database of measurements with the intention of making clothing patterns for those overweight/obese children using REAL plus size children’s measurements.  It took us over a year, and has been a continuing effort since, to acquire the vast number of measurement sets so we would be able to make patterns with ACTUAL measurements of overweight children.  We organized the large data base into age groups (YES, we have patterns for overweight/obese children under the age of 6), so we could begin making a variety of clothing patterns for those forgotten children.  We have clothing patterns with size ranges of 2-4-6, 8-10-12 and 14-16.

We have expanded our plus size childrens patterns / classes / books to two websites - and so we can better serve those who need this information.

Just to show an example of the difference between an “average” size 10 skirt/blouse and one of our “plus size” 10 skirt/blouse, just look at the following picture

In addition to the clothing patterns available for all age ranges, we also have EASY pattern making classes for girls ages 2-6 and ages 8-12.  All classes and pattern making books are written with easy step by step instructions with diagrams and illustrations to go with each step.  Also, we have clothing patterns and pattern making classes for boys as well as the girls. 

If you have overweight / obese children or know someone who does, just stop by and let us help you get clothing that will fit that child.

Surprise Your Young Ones With Crinkle Toys!

When our now 5 year old quadruplet grandbabies were much younger, I made DOZENS of crinkle toys for them.  Small children simply LOVE to play with things that crinkle, jingle or make any kind of noises.

I’ve put together a pattern  package of the 10 most popular crinkle toys  I’ve made for the grandchildren AND I’ve included enough crinkle material to make all 10 toys plus extra.  Here’s a picture of three of the toys:

These toys were co-ordinating fabrics from my older grandson’s bedroom — then when the quads were born we used every kind of scrap fabric we could find so everybody could have toys.  We put crinkle material in all of them, but some also had a little bell stuck inside with the quilt batting so it would jingle AND crinkle.

You can read more about the crinkle toys patterns and the crinkle material at .  This is a wonderful way to use up some of your scraps AND make some children very happy.

If you’d like to give the pattern as a gift to someone who sews AND you’d like one for yourself — if you order by December 10, we’ll give you the second pattern FREE – you just pay the shipping for the second pattern.  Give us a call at 1-800-883-2348 and we’ll take your order.

Are You In Need Of Nursing Clothing?

I’ve seen a LOT of tiny babies lately!  Everywhere I go it seems like there are more and more strollers, babies in their mommy’s arms and baby carriages.  I’m wondering how many of these mothers are nursing their little ones!   If the garment industry is the same now as when my daughter was nursing her firstborn, there was NOTHING available in the area of nursing garments that she’d want to wear at home, much less go out in public with!

Being a pattern designer AND a desperate nursing mother looking for attractive nursing garments, she came up with a whole line of nursing tops, dresses and nightgowns.   These nursing garment patterns started selling like hot cakes, which means she was not the only one looking for attractive nursing clothing.

Check out the  site and see for yourself the patterns that are available, as well as super information on nursing and other resources.  Here are pictures of a couple of the patterns to check out:


There are many styles of dresses and tops patterns available — check them all out at -  pass this information along to your family and friends that you know are nursing their baby and also looking for comfortable and attractive nursing garments.

How To Sew With Leather

Fall is the super busy time for rodeos, festivals and craft fairs, so it’s no wonder the sales for our “Sewing With Leather”  book jump tremendously during this time.

Probably the best selling item is the pattern for the Custom Fit Leather Chaps Pattern , where you can make your own chaps and be assured that they will fit YOUR measurements.  Here’s a quick diagram of the chaps:

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m in the middle of making a set of leather chaps for my little 6 year old grandson (big brother to those quads I talk about all the time).  His school has a “western” day each year and the day school started he reminded me that he NEEDS TO HAVE chaps for western day, AND he wants to be a cowboy for halloween.  Jacob is in the first grade this year, and already has a cowboy hat, boots and a set of gun belt/holster and play rifle that he got for his birthday from his cousins, so the only thing lacking is a western shirt and set of chaps. 

The Chaps Pattern  at the SewingWithLeather website  has easy step by step instructions, so you can actually make a set of these for a child, as well as for an adult.  OK Jacob – I’m on it!!

New PET Designs At Coupon Clutch

I’ve mentioned to you in the past when the coupon clutch website  got in new designs, but I believe they have hit the jackpot with the new cat and dog PET designed fabrics.  The coupon clutches, as you know, are fabric covered binders that look like designer tote bags, allowing you to carry all your important coupons to the store in style!  Anyway, back to the topic!  If you are a cat lover, you’ll fall in love with the new “Cats On The Beach”  pet design fabric — check it out:

And, if it’s dogs that you prefer, you haven’t been left out.  Check out the “Favorite Dog Breeds”  fabric design as you see here:

Aren’t those just the most adorable pet designs you’ve ever seen?!?  However, if you’re not particularly interested in pets, just wander on over to the Coupon Clutch site  and scroll through all the other super cute designs that are available. 

New Affiliate Program For Patterns That Fit You Website

I’m wondering how many of my readers have a sewing business, a website or a blog.  If you have any one of those mentioned, then you’re very well aware that there are many ways to make money from having certain “advertisements” on your side bar, or on a separate page, as would probably happen if you have a website.

Those links from your sidebar could be very lucrative for you, depending on the type of affiliate program that’s being offered. , which is one of our most popular websites containing information about making patterns according to your own measurements is pleased to announce the launch of the new affiliate program  for the site.

By signing up for the affiliate program, you’ll be able to give your readers access to our free pattern making and pattern changing classes; in addition, you’ll be able to make a whopping 15% commission on every sale that is referred from your website or blog.

For additional information, you can check out the post on our Sewing Business blog , OR you can go directly to the website  and click on the “affiliate” link to see all the information.

Need Projects For Empty Thread Spools

I am accumulating a LOT of empty thread spools and I don’t know what to do with them.  When we first started sewing  coupon clutches, I threw away some of them, but immediately realized that they could be used for projects for the kids.  The good thing is that all the spools are the same size (we order the same brand in all the colors we need, so the spools are the same).  I have a box of probably 50-60 spools now and keep adding more as I do more sewing.

My little 4 year old quadruplet grandchildren and their big 6 year old brother LOVE to do “projects” and “activities”, so I’m thinking these would be perfect — but what to make?

Do any of you keep the empty thread spools as you finish with them, or just throw them away?  If you or anyone you know has done any type of project or craft item using empty spools, could you please pass it along to me? My grandchildren would be ever so grateful!

Sewing For Plus Sizes

It appears that many of you have decided to start sewing for full figure and plus size women, at least that’s what it looks like by the way our “Sewing For Full Figure And Plus Size Women As A Home Business”  have been flying off the shelf!   I’m not at all surprised, as the statistics show a growing number of us getting into the “overweight and obese” category.  I’m very pleased to say that those of you who have purchased the Sewing For Full Figure and Plus Size Women as a Home Business have given us very positive feedback on your increasing business.

I would like to mention, while we’re on the subject of “full size, overweight and obese”, that you shouldn’t forget about all those overweight children that can’t find a single thing to wear!  Sewing For Plus Size Children as a Home Business  is a complete manual that gives information on how to alter regular store bought patterns to fit the overweight children, as well as complete information on how to use child’s personal measurements to make patterns for him/her.   What I’ve seen at playgrounds at schools (and in malls, restaurants, etc) are overweight children who basically live in jogging pants and an oversized sweatshirt because there literally are no clothes that will fit properly. 

Then throw in the issue of “uniforms for school”!  Our grandchildren attend school in a county that requires uniforms at all the county public schools.  Private schools usually require uniforms as well.  When dropping off or picking up the grandchildren from school I’ve seen children with clothes so tight you wonder how they can even breathe!  Then there are the blouses or shirts that rise so far above the waist (skirts or shorts waistband is under the tummy) that the entire tummy is showing.  Think about it – if YOU were wanting to look nice in a public place and there’s NOTHING you can wear that would look nice, or make you feel good about yourself, what kind of a day would you have?

If you are in any kind of a position to do some sewing for these children, I’d recommend that you give it a try.  And, this overweight/obese children issue isn’t just in our area or certain areas, it’s in every area of the United States – all you have to do is open your eyes and see the multitudes of overweight and obese kids.  Plus Size  not only has information about making patterns for children, we also have sewing patterns for plus size children.  Our patterns have been made using actual plus size childrens’ measurements, so they’re all set for those overweight and obese children– all you have to do is get the size range that will fit the child you’re sewing for, open up the pattern and get an outfit put together for the child.

I feel very sorry for children who have no proper fitting clothes and nowhere to look for clothes.  If you’re interested in helping these kids, and making some extra money, check out the Plus Size Children website for patterns and pattern making classes that are available.

September Is National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month, and I already have a list of projects I want to get done this month.  All the kids are in school, so I have just a little more free time (we do keep the quads and big brother Jacob every other weekend to give their parents a break).

So, are you planning anything special for the month, or just regular sewing?  Personally, I think this would be an awesome time to teach someone how to sew.  Perhaps you have a grandchild, a niece, a friends child – or a friend who would like to learn to sew.  It would be a perfect time to give just a little bit of your time to help someone get started in sewing.  If you would like a little help in getting started with the teaching, we do have a book, “Learn How To Sew”, that gives tons of information on learning how to sew, as well as practice projects and a lot of hand sewing and machine sewing craft projects for the new sewer to get started on.  Here are a few things that the Learn How To Sew book contains:

  • Diagrams with explanations of all the parts of the sewing machine

  • How to install the sewing machine needle correctly

  • How to properly thread the sewing machine

  • Instruction and practice exercises on sewing straight stitches as well as using the zig zag features How to make seams

  • Preparing fabrics for cutting

  • Fabric/thread/needle compatibility chart

  • Fabric conversion chart – lets you know how much fabric to buy

  • Hints for the sewer/crafter to make the sewing process easier

  • Hand sewing techniques, including a variety of hemming stitches, basting stitches, decorative stitches, etc.

  • Sewing projects – using the sewing machine and some for hand sewing only

  • And much, much more!
  • And while you’ll be doing some extra sewing yourself this month, don’t forget to keep your sewing machine OUT of the repair shop by checking out the “Sewing Machine Repair For The Home Sewer”  book.  You’ll be so happy to be able to work out any sewing issues by following this book — and save a ton of money by not having to take the machine to the repair shop!

    Happy Sewing!   And let us know about the projects you’ll be working on this month.

    How To Make Reusable Snack / Sandwich Bags

    Let me tell you how amazing my daughter is — you know, the one with 4 year old quadruplets and the 6 year old son.  When the quads started pre-k last week – just three days ahead of school starting she got a note in the mail (as all other pre-k parents got) saying the kids need “reusable” snack bags for their little tote bags the school gave each one.  Breakfast and lunch is provided at the school, however the snacks (juice box and other snacks) are to be provided by the parents.  

    Denise looked at several stores for the reusable snack bags, already having an idea of what she wanted, and found nothing.  One store had a little bag similar to the paper lunch bags that she ended up buying for nearly 5 bucks each — and one of them tore apart the first day of school.

    The “pattern designer” part of her came out and she decided she could make the pattern AND the little reusable snack bags herself!  She had some waterproof vinyl type fabric on hand, so last weekend, with help from the kids, she made these reusable snack / sandwich bags .  These are like the old sandwich baggies that folded closed – before the zip lock bags came into being.

    I do believe she got carried away here — she’s aways way over her head in work, kids, working on her master’s degree, etc, but yet she (and the kids) took the time over the weekend to make reusable sandwich bags for all the kids in the pre-k class.  WAY TO GO DENISE!!!

    If you’d like to make some of these for your kids, grandchildren or even to donate to your local pre-k school, check out the great tutorial she’s posted on how to make them at our SewingBusiness blog .