Our Grandchildren Are GREAT Helpers!

Last Saturday one of our sons dropped by with his power washer – told us he was “tired” of seeing our dirty stained driveway and sidewalk.   He pulled his power washer out of his truck and we told him to go right ahead!

Our grandson, Jacob, who just turned 8 a couple weeks ago was spending the weekend with us, and just begged to have a turn running the power washer.  So Uncle Jerome told him to come on – showed him how to maneuver the machine and let him take over.   Jerome followed behind holding the water hose, and Jacob had a great time running the machine!

He got to make several trips up and down the driveway, and was THRILLED to get to help.  After it was all over, he told Uncle Jerome “thanks for letting me help” three or four times!

Doesn’t he just look like a great “working man”????  You did a GREAT JOB, Jacob!

Tell Me Again The “Advantages” Of Term Life Insurance!

Everywhere you look there are advertisements for the best rates for the highest “death benefits” possible for Term Life Insurance.  They say that “Brad is a smoker and yet we got him $100,000 life insurance for ONLY about a dollar a day”. That all sounds very good when you’re 35 years old, and you have a family to think about, etc etc.   HOWEVER, did ANYBODY tell you what happens to those term life insurance premium rates as you get older and older and older?  As you reach senior citizen ages, you STILL have term life insurance that you are paying DEARLY for – if you choose to hang on to it.  And, yes, you DO still need some kind of life insurance because upon death, there will be those nagging final expenses – funeral expenses, pay off of any credit card debt and any other expenses that seem to pop up at that time.

Here’s what slapped US in the face a few weeks ago!  One of our sons stopped by and happened to ask if we’d thought about doing any kind of funeral arrangements for ourselves in order that OUR wishes would be granted at the time of death and not kids arguing about “not a nice enough casket” or other things that can break a family apart.  After all, we DO have that “term life insurance” that sould be sufficient to cover any expenses.  So he then asked what we were paying for the term life insurance policies, and I said I’d check in a day or two so we’d know for sure.

Here’s the “breakdown” of that “about a dollar a day” term insurance and how it is nearly bankruptcying us in our older years to pay for it.  We took out a $50,000 TERM LIFE INSURANCE policy on my husband when he was 49 years old and as they said the premium was “about a dollar a day” — or $35.00 a month.  We had the premium set up as a bank draft, so there was no way to forget to pay it, or even pay it late.  Here’s how those  “term life insurance” premiums have gone up——–

Age 49 – wrote the policy — $35.00 per month
Age 60 – premium jumped to $69.00 per month
Age 65 – premium jumped to $148.00 per month
in 2 years when my husband will reach age 75, the premium will JUMP to $743.00 per month

Now you tell me — how many SENIOR CITIZENS, on a fixed income, can afford those kind of premiums?????

We immediately went down to a funeral home and made all the funeral arrangements that WE wanted, paid for it all (did you know that funeral expenses DOUBLE every EIGHT years???), then immediately canceled the bank drafts for both insurance policies (mine and my husbands).  We’ve taken the insurance premium money, opened a money market account at a federal credit union, and are having THAT money auto drafted from our checking account, and THAT will become our “insurance” policy for those unforseen expenses at the time of our death (our funerals have already been taken care of and paid for). 

It is MY opinion that if some insurance agent would have actually explained how the older you get, that “about a dollar a day” increases to “about $25.00 a day” and even MORE, we certainly SHOULD have been asking about a “whole life” policy with premiums that never go up — and even better, the longer you have a whole life policy, you even can gain cash value with it!

Oh, and get this —— if my husband should live to age 80 (and he’s in perfectly good health as we speak) – his MONTHLY term life insurance premiums would JUMP to $1,410.42.

That “cheap” term life insurance policy might be great for those years while your kids are in school and takes a bundle of cash to feed, clothe and house them —- but think about how those rates continue to JUMP and JUMP and JUMP the older you get and you still have nothing except term life insurance —- nothing that would eventually be a “paid up” policy or even one that gains cash value ——- all the “cash” goes into the pocket of the insurance company. 

I would suggest that you check YOUR insurance policies and if you’re getting past the 40 year old age range, check what you can get for a whole life insurance policy and get rid of that term life insurance policy — the older you get the LESS you’ll be able to get for a whole life insurance policy and the MORE you’ll be paying for that term life insurance policy!

How Many Ways Do YOU Waste Money????

I’ve just found the BEST piece of information that I’ve seen lately!  What’s even better is that now at the beginning of the year is a good time to consider some of the ways you and your family or business wastes money and make a decision to change things!!

Over at Shopper Strategy, which is basically a coupon and information blog, Denise has done a post entitled “7 Fast Ways to Waste Your Money”  — and I believe it is something every one of us needs to read and see what we individually can do to cut the waste.

Thank you Denise for this EXCELLENT information!

What Do You Know About Airplanes?

It is always an interesting time when our grandchildren are at our house!  They all like to do different things, all want whatever someone else has, but are VERY creative in things they come up with to do and make!  Take Zachary, for instance — he LOVES airplanes, and this last week he got into my “craft stick” box (I buy boxes of 1000 craft sticks cause I know they’ll be used!) and decided he needed to make some airplanes.  He very carefully made each airplane different — you know because some of the airplanes are “shooter” airplanes and other airplanes are for people to ride in.  Here is what he came up with:

Can you tell which are the shooter planes and which are for people to ride in???  I can’t either, but I can assure you that Zachary knows!!

Other times, they just want to play outside and get their picture taken – they love to have their picture taken and then look at it on the camera screen — so……. boys, here’s one you can look at on  the computer!

I love you guys!   Oh, by the way – on this day the girls were inside – didn’t feel like coming out, even to get a picture taken!

OK, Now I HAVE To Have That New iphone. Know Why??

I really NEED the iphone for my fabric applications and to help me get the right amount of fabric, etc etc.

However, NOW I need it for FUN!!  I’ve just seen the funniest app yet – it is iHogCall  — and it is a hoot!!  I grew up on a farm – a pig farm, so this hog call app brings back all kinds of memories.  Even now at many state fairs you’ll see in their list of activities a “hog calling contest”.  Well now you can hear all kinds of hog calls AND there’s even a way to submit your own hog call for possible inclusion in the app.  WHOOHOO!  I’m going to practice MY hog calling so IF dear Santa brings me that iphone I’ve been begging for, I’ll be able to submit my best effort.  AND, Santa, if you bring me the iphone I’ll even promise to be a good girl NEXT year! 

Rosinton “Kindermice” Float Gets First Place In Parade

As many of you know, my 5 year old quadruplet grandchildren (can’t call them grandbabies anymore!) are in Pre-K this year.  Their birthday is in October, so obviously missed the Sept. 1 cut off for kindergarten.  They love school and simply adore their teacher, Mrs. Roland.  The pre-K kids are called Kindermice, and at various times during the year they have an opportunity to wear little “mice” hats with ears and get their faces painted to look like mice.

This year Mrs. Roland decided the kindermice needed to have a float for the annual Christmas parade.  One of the parents let them borrow a trailer that they could decorate.  Several of the mothers pooled ideas and ended up with making little santa hats with “mice” ears for the kids to wear, and made the float into a large mouse.  It was just sooooo cool!  The kids (kindermice) LOVED being on the float, and Mrs. Roland had them practice how they should stand to throw the candy to the bystanders — NEVER lean “over” the side to throw – you have to stay standing up inside.  I snapped a couple of pictures – one in the parking lot before the parade started, and another as the float went by — here you go -  the first one has Jacob in front just in case somebody needed him.


The second picture had to be taken quickly because Jacob and I were busy picking up necklaces, stuffed animals and candy so we’d be sure to have enough to share with “the kids” since they weren’t able to pick anything up.

Isn’t this just a neat float!  No wonder it got first place!

Need A Little Help Selecting The PERFCT Gift?

Boy Howdy – Christmas is right around the corner!  I just can’t believe the year has gone by sooooo FAST!  My daughter starts early in the year and when she finds things that would be suitable for certain people she picks them up, and many times gets great deals on them.  This year I wish I’d been like her — now I’m certainly NOT a procrastinator, but……….. with Christmas coming along so quickly, I realized I’d better be getting in gear and finding some things!

Denise has put together a super awesome list of Christmas gift ideas over at her ShopperStrategy  blog and I’m here to tell you I’m going to be putting that list to good use!  She has gift ideas for nearly every person you’d be getting a gift for —- here’s the direct link to the Holiday Wish List   page – the gift ideas she’s put together is great.

She has spent a great deal of time – nearly two weeks putting together “just the right things” for the Holiday Wish List, so if you need a little help deciding what to get for some of your family / friends / co-workers, check out the list and see what all you can come up with.

Statistics Show Our Nation’s Children Becoming More Obese

For the past few days I’ve seen several television news stations talking about McDonald’s major marketing dollars intended for our CHILDREN!  They’re asking whether or not McDonald’s should be going after the young children — toddlers to boot – with their advertising campaigns, trying to lure the kids into their stores.   They’re saying that with the hundreds of “choices” of childrens meals, only 12 are even close to being healthy, which is helping our nation’s children get heavier and heavier.

To tell you the truth, I’m on the side of several of those who called into the shows saying “the kids aren’t getting to McDonald’s on their own – who’s taking them?”  PARENTS!  And what’s up with parents who apparently are taking those children to McDonalds for FRENCH FRIES, greasy burgers, etc several times a week.  One lady called in with the comment that children are getting sugar cereal for breakfast, minimal healthy food at lunch at school, then parents take them to fast food restaurants for supper — and we wonder why they’re getting fat!

Our daughter with the 5 year old quadruplets and 6 year old son COOK every evening meal.  She is owner of ShopperStrategy , a blog with shopping deals and giveaways as well as information about freezer cooking, and every Monday she gives out her menu plan for the week — EVERY meal being cooked at home!  About twice a month, as we take the 6 year old home from spending the weekend with us, we’ll stop at McDonalds and get supper for them.  I figure a couple times a month on the chicken nuggets and a few french fries, along with juice to drink won’t kill them, but I’m apalled at those parents who spend the big dollars on fast food several nights or every night of the week.  Denise’s kids LOVE fruits, veggies and will BEG for cantalope or grapes or bananas (cut up in a bowl is their latest craze), and only ONE of the kids will even eat candy at all — the little candy eater is the chocoholic (like her mother and grandmother), but the others won’t even take any kind of candy if it’s offered to them.  Or, if they take it, they’ll take a lick and lay it down.  These kids also drink milk, juice or water – they never have tea or sodas of any kind.

Well, I’ll get off my soap box now, but I can definitely see why more and more aunts, grandmothers and mothers are checking out and buying our PlusSizeChildren’s patterns and pattern making classes  because there just aren’t clothing garments or patterns in the large sizes that these children require.  If you have overweight children in your family, check out the patterns and classes and at least help these kids look nice with clothing that actually fits them.

Are Your Children / Grandchildren Bedwetters?

This is a pretty odd topic, but I do have a funny story (or two) about grandchildren and bedwetting.  I know some families have problems with bedwetters way up into school years and in some families there is no problem at all.  I really wonder sometimes what makes the difference.  My grandson Jacob went to a “tumbling” and gymnastics class for several months and one mother who had two daughters about 2 years apart had major bedwetting problems with her older daughter (who was 7 at the time – and still wetting the bed) and the younger 5 year old who never wet the bed.  She blamed it on the pull-ups she put on the older daughter which she said never “made” the girl learn control and learn to go to the bathroom when necessary and not just simply be lazy and go in the pullups.  Never heard that before, but she was determined that was the problem.

Well, with our quadruplets (who are just now 5), we haven’t had bedwetting problems – however an occasional “accident” is to be expected.  Perhaps the child was sleeping extra hard or maybe had too much to drink before going to bed – who knows.  The funny part is how children REACT to the bedwetting accident.  Here’s how it goes:

One morning maybe a year ago, Brandon woke up and came to me in the office to sit on my lap before heading to the living room.  This boy was SOAKED, so we went into the bedroom to check out his bed.  He informed me that he did NOT tee tee in the bed because he ALWAYS goes to the bathroom.  So I just wondered how the bed got all wet and his jammies were wet.  He let me know real quick that because it was raining last night the rain came in the window and went to the light and dropped down on his bed and made him all wet.  He then wanted to move his bed a little bit so no more rain could drop down from the light.  Well, guess what – his bed has never been wet again, so I guess moving it away from the light did the trick.

Sienna on the other hand wet the bed only one time in her life that I know of — and when it happened she sat in the bed and SCREAMED — MAMAW!  MAMAW!  And boy howdy at 2 am when somenbody screams like that it takes less than 2 seconds for me to get across the house and down the hall to see what’s the problem.   She was having an absolute FIT because her underwear was wet!  After getting her calmed down and getting new underwear and nightgown and a change of sheets she went back to sleep just fine.

Sarah, on the other hand, just about takes the cake!  She is little miss independent and can take care of herself.  A few weeks ago she also had an accident — and NOBODY knew about it until the next morning when Sienna told on her and said for me to be sure to wash the sheet because Sarah had made it wet.   I asked Sarah about it (who by the way was out sleeping on the couch instead of in the wet bed in the morning) — she told me she’d gone into the playroom to get new underwear, took her wet underwear to the laundry room then went to sleep on the couch.  All of this was done with NO noise and nobody was aware that she’d had a problem because she’d taken care of it herself.  And while we’re on the subject of little Miss Independent — can you guess what the first words out of her mouth were when the kids were learning to talk — “I do it MYSELF!”  That’s the story about Sarah — if she can’t do something, she WILL figure out a way to get it done.  She rarely asks for help, and if you see her struggling with something like a zipper, etc and attempt to help, she’ll turn away in a flash with the same words – “I do it MYSELF!”.

So much for the bedwetting topic — I just found it interesting the way each of the kids handled the situation when it happened.  Oh, and if Zachary ever wets the bed, I’ll let you know what he does about the situation!

How Much “Spare” Time Do You Have With 5 Children Under The Age Of 6 Years Old??

Most of you know about my daughter, Denise, and her 4 year old quadruplets and big 6 year old son.  From time to time I get emails asking “how in the world does she get ANY work done?” — and I’ll have to admit I  have no clue how she packs so much work in such little time that she has.

In addition to family matters, she also has a very popular coupon blog, ShopperStrategy and is also in the middle of getting her Masters Degree online.  She’s also created the very popular coupon tote, which she calls the Coupon Clutch.  Some of her blogging friends (those who have similar type coupon / deal blogs) have also made comments as to how in the world she gets everything done.

One of her blogging counterparts was so interested in Denise’s “story” that she asked Denise to do a little write up of what she does and how she got into the coupon clutch business, etc.  Michelle, at iHeartPublix.com  has posted Denise’s story, which I would like to invite you to check out.  Check out those quads in the very first picture — aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen!!!  They were nearing 2 years old at that time, and Denise could no longer afford diapers, so one day she decided to go “cold turkey” and get them all potty trained.  There were 4 little potty chairs in their bathroom at home and 4 little potty chairs in our bathroom at our house, so no matter where the little guys were, there were potty chairs available!

Have you ever tried to potty train ONE little child??????  How about FOUR at the same time!!

Check out the ReaderSpotlight at iHeartPublix  and read Denise’s story.  This story is a TRUE example of “when you’re given a lemon ……. make lemonade”