Do YOU Need A Media Kit?

For those in the blogging arena or website owners, a Media Kit is similar to a resume for those who are looking to get a job.

Media kits will give your blog (or websites’) information that is needed for companies that would want to communicate with you, such as advertising rates for your blog, your traffic stats,  etc.  PR representatives and advertisers want to see this information readily available on your site and not have to “dig” for the information or make special phone calls or emails to get that information from you.  If you do reviews and/or giveaways, this is very important information that those companies need to determine if you fit their needs. (women helping women succeed) has a variety of super designs for media kits that you can purchase.  They are available two ways — you can get a package of templates and do your own media kit, OR you can choose a template design/color you’d like and you’ll get a form that you can put in all your information and WomInfo will make your custom media kit for you!  Easy Breezy!!  These are SOOOOO professional, and are just what those “brands” and advertisers are looking for, all in one place.

Check out the media kit packages at to see how you can get your media kit done professionally and at a price you can afford.  I highly recommend these media kits.

A Trend Has Been Set………

I realize that some folks in the media, etc would like to make us believe the economy is getting better, however with the prevailing news of more and more people joining the rolls of the unemployed, that’s kind of hard to believe.

I truly believe this is going to be the year that many of those unemployed or underemployed will try their hands at a home business.  We’ve already sold more than triple the amount of our business start up manuals than this time last year.  The “How To Start and Operate a Profitable Clothing Alterations Business”  manual, the “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business”  manual and the “Sewing For Full Figure Women as a Home Business”  manual are the number one picks of those wanting to start a home business.

A good friend of mine who has been out of work for over six months decided to try her hand at a clothing alterations business, and she informed me that if she can make just $300 – $400 a month doing the sewing, she can help keep food on the table and perhaps pay the power bill.  How frustrating can it be just worrying about where the next meal will  come from and hoping some money from somewhere comes in before the power company stops by to cut off the power.  Are you or someone you know in this very same boat and have no clue what to do?  Think about a home business that you may be able to start — even a few dollars would be better than NO dollars!

WHOOHOO!! Got My First REAL Affiliate Check!!

How many of you, like me, have those google ads on the sidebar of your website or blog?  You might even have a few affiliate links that seem to never pay more than a few pennies or so — which is the way it USED to be with me!

The first of February I signed up as an affiliate for the coupon clutches, and got my first check deposited into my Pay Pal account today.  The affiliate program for the coupon clutches pays 7% of each sale, pays at the beginning of the month for the previous month, as long as you’ve reached a plateau of $25 (or it holds the balance until you DO reach $25).  Well, those coupon clutches have been flying off the shelf and for my first month as an affiliate I  reached $30.35 in affiliate commissions.

If you’d like a little extra cash from an affiliate program, you could do like I’ve done — sign up to be an affiliate for, then get it on your sidebar, and do a post or two about it so your readers will know what’s new on your sidebar. 

Here are a couple of my favorites of the coupon clutches:

Green Paisley Coupon Clutch Binder    Zebra Print Coupon Clutch Binder    Burgundy and Green Bamboo Coupon Clutch Binder

Green Paisley     Zebra                     Burgendy/Green Bamboo

I now LOVE the affiliate programs that actually PAY!!!