Do YOU Need A Media Kit?

For those in the blogging arena or website owners, a Media Kit is similar to a resume for those who are looking to get a job.

Media kits will give your blog (or websites’) information that is needed for companies that would want to communicate with you, such as advertising rates for your blog, your traffic stats,  etc.  PR representatives and advertisers want to see this information readily available on your site and not have to “dig” for the information or make special phone calls or emails to get that information from you.  If you do reviews and/or giveaways, this is very important information that those companies need to determine if you fit their needs. (women helping women succeed) has a variety of super designs for media kits that you can purchase.  They are available two ways — you can get a package of templates and do your own media kit, OR you can choose a template design/color you’d like and you’ll get a form that you can put in all your information and WomInfo will make your custom media kit for you!  Easy Breezy!!  These are SOOOOO professional, and are just what those “brands” and advertisers are looking for, all in one place.

Check out the media kit packages at to see how you can get your media kit done professionally and at a price you can afford.  I highly recommend these media kits.

Our Grandchildren Are GREAT Helpers!

Last Saturday one of our sons dropped by with his power washer – told us he was “tired” of seeing our dirty stained driveway and sidewalk.   He pulled his power washer out of his truck and we told him to go right ahead!

Our grandson, Jacob, who just turned 8 a couple weeks ago was spending the weekend with us, and just begged to have a turn running the power washer.  So Uncle Jerome told him to come on – showed him how to maneuver the machine and let him take over.   Jerome followed behind holding the water hose, and Jacob had a great time running the machine!

He got to make several trips up and down the driveway, and was THRILLED to get to help.  After it was all over, he told Uncle Jerome “thanks for letting me help” three or four times!

Doesn’t he just look like a great “working man”????  You did a GREAT JOB, Jacob!

No Plus Size Patterns For Children Under Age 6. What??

As many of you know by checking my website, I have been on a mission for several years now to make available patterns and pattern making classes for plus size, overweight and obese children!  It all started when a friend, who had a very overweight child, asked me to “try” to help her get something to fit the girl.  The problem was that my friends’ 10 year old daughter had a chest of 36″ and waist of 32″ (the “average” measurements on  patterns indicated a chest of 28″ and waist 24″).  So what would YOU have done?  Apparently the answer was to buy a woman’s size 16 or 18 pattern and try to adjust it  — NOT a good solution because how would a woman’s pattern style look on that overweight 10 year old???

At that time, because of my years of pattern making experience, the only solution was to take the girls’ measurements and make a pattern according to those measurements.  That pattern fit her perfectly!

As I noticed playgrounds, malls and schools filled with overweight children, most of whom had clothes that looked like oversized jogging pants and shirts were NOT what young children should have to wear.

It was then that I made a plea on my website and blog for those parents and grandparents of overweight/obese children to send me their measurements and ages so I could get a database of measurements with the intention of making clothing patterns for those overweight/obese children using REAL plus size children’s measurements.  It took us over a year, and has been a continuing effort since, to acquire the vast number of measurement sets so we would be able to make patterns with ACTUAL measurements of overweight children.  We organized the large data base into age groups (YES, we have patterns for overweight/obese children under the age of 6), so we could begin making a variety of clothing patterns for those forgotten children.  We have clothing patterns with size ranges of 2-4-6, 8-10-12 and 14-16.

We have expanded our plus size childrens patterns / classes / books to two websites - and so we can better serve those who need this information.

Just to show an example of the difference between an “average” size 10 skirt/blouse and one of our “plus size” 10 skirt/blouse, just look at the following picture

In addition to the clothing patterns available for all age ranges, we also have EASY pattern making classes for girls ages 2-6 and ages 8-12.  All classes and pattern making books are written with easy step by step instructions with diagrams and illustrations to go with each step.  Also, we have clothing patterns and pattern making classes for boys as well as the girls. 

If you have overweight / obese children or know someone who does, just stop by and let us help you get clothing that will fit that child.

Tell Me Again The “Advantages” Of Term Life Insurance!

Everywhere you look there are advertisements for the best rates for the highest “death benefits” possible for Term Life Insurance.  They say that “Brad is a smoker and yet we got him $100,000 life insurance for ONLY about a dollar a day”. That all sounds very good when you’re 35 years old, and you have a family to think about, etc etc.   HOWEVER, did ANYBODY tell you what happens to those term life insurance premium rates as you get older and older and older?  As you reach senior citizen ages, you STILL have term life insurance that you are paying DEARLY for – if you choose to hang on to it.  And, yes, you DO still need some kind of life insurance because upon death, there will be those nagging final expenses – funeral expenses, pay off of any credit card debt and any other expenses that seem to pop up at that time.

Here’s what slapped US in the face a few weeks ago!  One of our sons stopped by and happened to ask if we’d thought about doing any kind of funeral arrangements for ourselves in order that OUR wishes would be granted at the time of death and not kids arguing about “not a nice enough casket” or other things that can break a family apart.  After all, we DO have that “term life insurance” that sould be sufficient to cover any expenses.  So he then asked what we were paying for the term life insurance policies, and I said I’d check in a day or two so we’d know for sure.

Here’s the “breakdown” of that “about a dollar a day” term insurance and how it is nearly bankruptcying us in our older years to pay for it.  We took out a $50,000 TERM LIFE INSURANCE policy on my husband when he was 49 years old and as they said the premium was “about a dollar a day” — or $35.00 a month.  We had the premium set up as a bank draft, so there was no way to forget to pay it, or even pay it late.  Here’s how those  “term life insurance” premiums have gone up——–

Age 49 – wrote the policy — $35.00 per month
Age 60 – premium jumped to $69.00 per month
Age 65 – premium jumped to $148.00 per month
in 2 years when my husband will reach age 75, the premium will JUMP to $743.00 per month

Now you tell me — how many SENIOR CITIZENS, on a fixed income, can afford those kind of premiums?????

We immediately went down to a funeral home and made all the funeral arrangements that WE wanted, paid for it all (did you know that funeral expenses DOUBLE every EIGHT years???), then immediately canceled the bank drafts for both insurance policies (mine and my husbands).  We’ve taken the insurance premium money, opened a money market account at a federal credit union, and are having THAT money auto drafted from our checking account, and THAT will become our “insurance” policy for those unforseen expenses at the time of our death (our funerals have already been taken care of and paid for). 

It is MY opinion that if some insurance agent would have actually explained how the older you get, that “about a dollar a day” increases to “about $25.00 a day” and even MORE, we certainly SHOULD have been asking about a “whole life” policy with premiums that never go up — and even better, the longer you have a whole life policy, you even can gain cash value with it!

Oh, and get this —— if my husband should live to age 80 (and he’s in perfectly good health as we speak) – his MONTHLY term life insurance premiums would JUMP to $1,410.42.

That “cheap” term life insurance policy might be great for those years while your kids are in school and takes a bundle of cash to feed, clothe and house them —- but think about how those rates continue to JUMP and JUMP and JUMP the older you get and you still have nothing except term life insurance —- nothing that would eventually be a “paid up” policy or even one that gains cash value ——- all the “cash” goes into the pocket of the insurance company. 

I would suggest that you check YOUR insurance policies and if you’re getting past the 40 year old age range, check what you can get for a whole life insurance policy and get rid of that term life insurance policy — the older you get the LESS you’ll be able to get for a whole life insurance policy and the MORE you’ll be paying for that term life insurance policy!

Compare Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting To………

I’ve had a few emails lately from people asking what’s the difference between “Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting” book and the specific titles — “How To Make Dress Patterns” or “How To Make Slacks/Shorts Patterns”, etc.

“Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting”  contains SOME of each of the garment types — basic slacks/shorts, basic blouses, basic dresses, basic skirts – so that you can have a few of each of the garment types and learn how to make your own patterns for them.  As you probably know, our pattern making materials are set up so you can use YOUR OWN measurements to make the patterns, therefore the patterns are guaranteed to fit your measurements.  It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, heavy, petite — because you are using YOUR measurements, everything will fit just right.

Each of the “individual” books and classes – “How To Make Slacks/Shorts Patterns “,”How To Make Dress Patterns”, “How To Make Blouse Patterns”  and“How To Make Skirt Patterns”  is devoted entirely to THAT particular topic, therefore you have a whole pattern making book of those particular garments with a wide variety of styles.  Some women have said “I only wear slacks; you’ll never see me in a skirt or dress”, so for her, the “How To Make Slacks/Shorts” book is perfect because that’s all she wants.  Others may never wear slacks or shorts so really aren’t interested in that, but would be interested in the skirts or blouses or dresses

Anyway you look at it, the best alternative to ready made garments that don’t fit or the style is nothing you’d want to wear in public, or patterns that need so many adjustments you don’t even know where to start would be to check out the pattern making materials.  All of the pattern making materials have diagrams/illustrations on which measurements you need and how to take those measurements, then goes on to show you how to use your own measurements to make those perfectly fitting patterns and garments.

And speaking of pattern making for hard to fit people, be sure to check out our PlusSizeChildren website  and all the patterns and classes that are available for overweight and obese children.  Spring is right around the corner, so now is the time to get some sewing lined up for yourself, your children or grandchildren.

How Many Ways Do YOU Waste Money????

I’ve just found the BEST piece of information that I’ve seen lately!  What’s even better is that now at the beginning of the year is a good time to consider some of the ways you and your family or business wastes money and make a decision to change things!!

Over at Shopper Strategy, which is basically a coupon and information blog, Denise has done a post entitled “7 Fast Ways to Waste Your Money”  — and I believe it is something every one of us needs to read and see what we individually can do to cut the waste.

Thank you Denise for this EXCELLENT information!

A Trend Has Been Set………

I realize that some folks in the media, etc would like to make us believe the economy is getting better, however with the prevailing news of more and more people joining the rolls of the unemployed, that’s kind of hard to believe.

I truly believe this is going to be the year that many of those unemployed or underemployed will try their hands at a home business.  We’ve already sold more than triple the amount of our business start up manuals than this time last year.  The “How To Start and Operate a Profitable Clothing Alterations Business”  manual, the “Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business”  manual and the “Sewing For Full Figure Women as a Home Business”  manual are the number one picks of those wanting to start a home business.

A good friend of mine who has been out of work for over six months decided to try her hand at a clothing alterations business, and she informed me that if she can make just $300 – $400 a month doing the sewing, she can help keep food on the table and perhaps pay the power bill.  How frustrating can it be just worrying about where the next meal will  come from and hoping some money from somewhere comes in before the power company stops by to cut off the power.  Are you or someone you know in this very same boat and have no clue what to do?  Think about a home business that you may be able to start — even a few dollars would be better than NO dollars!

I Hit The Jackpot At Walgreens Today

My husband says I went overboard with my shopping at Walgreens today — what do you think????

Let me explain — when stuff that you actually USE all the time is FREE, or they pay you to take it, I believe in stocking up!  The Oscillococcinum for children is EXCELLENT — it’s for kids like Halls ProHealth Defense or EmergenC is for adults — take a little extra when you know colds/flu are in the area or school, etc.  These were on sale for $8.99/box with a $9.00 register rewards – PLUS I had $2.00 coupons, so I ended up making $2.00 on each one of them.  The SalonPas arthritis patches were on sale for $5.99 with a $6.00 RR and the Omega Factor 3 fish oil capsules, regular price $24.95 were on sale for $10, with a $10 RR.  Bad news is that when I got home with all my loot and opened up one of the Omega Factor 3 boxes, I FOUND a $3.00 coupon!  Dang!  They COULD have paid me $3.00 for each of those boxes.  Looks like I’m gonna have to hit another Walgreens or two tomorrow to use these $3.00 coupons!!

Let me tell you a little story about the Omega 3 – when my daughter was pregnant with the quads, she asked her Dr. about taking extra vitamins – other than the prenatals, of course.  He said the best thing she could take to help the babies’ developing brains would be Omega 3 fish oil capsules, however, he told her she really should have been taking them the previous 6 months before getting pregnant so the omega 3 fatty acids would be in her body.  She told him she’d been taking Omega 3′s for nearly 2 years, to which he said “wonderful!  keep it up!”

Anybody want to go with me to Walgreens tomorrow since it’s obvious my husband won’t go with me again.

What Do You Know About Airplanes?

It is always an interesting time when our grandchildren are at our house!  They all like to do different things, all want whatever someone else has, but are VERY creative in things they come up with to do and make!  Take Zachary, for instance — he LOVES airplanes, and this last week he got into my “craft stick” box (I buy boxes of 1000 craft sticks cause I know they’ll be used!) and decided he needed to make some airplanes.  He very carefully made each airplane different — you know because some of the airplanes are “shooter” airplanes and other airplanes are for people to ride in.  Here is what he came up with:

Can you tell which are the shooter planes and which are for people to ride in???  I can’t either, but I can assure you that Zachary knows!!

Other times, they just want to play outside and get their picture taken – they love to have their picture taken and then look at it on the camera screen — so……. boys, here’s one you can look at on  the computer!

I love you guys!   Oh, by the way – on this day the girls were inside – didn’t feel like coming out, even to get a picture taken!

OK, Now I HAVE To Have That New iphone. Know Why??

I really NEED the iphone for my fabric applications and to help me get the right amount of fabric, etc etc.

However, NOW I need it for FUN!!  I’ve just seen the funniest app yet – it is iHogCall  — and it is a hoot!!  I grew up on a farm – a pig farm, so this hog call app brings back all kinds of memories.  Even now at many state fairs you’ll see in their list of activities a “hog calling contest”.  Well now you can hear all kinds of hog calls AND there’s even a way to submit your own hog call for possible inclusion in the app.  WHOOHOO!  I’m going to practice MY hog calling so IF dear Santa brings me that iphone I’ve been begging for, I’ll be able to submit my best effort.  AND, Santa, if you bring me the iphone I’ll even promise to be a good girl NEXT year!